Get the next best sports betting and fantasy football edge. Like you’re traveling back in time.

Write down the past 10 years of sports scores.

Fire up the time machine.

Step in it, and remember the sports scores you wrote down.

Go 10 years back in time. And now place your bets.

Easy money.

So, we don’t actually have a time machine yet.

Our goal is to not need a time machine.

It’s not perfect (we’d take the time machine any day), but it’s a journey we’re taking together to find the best way to win your sports bet and your fantasy leagues.

How do we plan on doing it?

Making our own model won’t work. There are too many brainy mathematicians that we’re not going to out math.

Instead, we are going to make sense of what the experts and mathematical sports models are saying and summarize what they have to tell us…

How accurate are the models? What are they saying in common? What are they predicting that’s different?

We’ll cover college football, college basketball, NFL, NBA, eSports to start, but we’re open to covering more. Just let us know. This is a journey together.

Now, let’s get started and try to make some money together.

History and about the site

I’m not an expert at picking games. But I’m going to spend the time figuring out who is. Sometimes this may be one expert in a certain sport, and sometimes it’s combining multiple prediction models or experts.

Way back, this site was built on a model that I didn’t create called the Entropy Ratings. This was as early as 2005. Since then, it’s proven to be a very successful ranking system.

My hope is to bring back some of this success, but with a different model. An always-evolving model. I’m not the smartest in the room, but let’s find out who is.