Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Most recent vision (last update): August 21, 2022

Terms of Use can be boring, but it’s important to establish some guidelines for using the timetravelsports.com website. By using timetravelsports.com, you are bound to these terms even if you have not read them. It’s your responsibility to read and understand the terms below.

Note: whenever I use language like ‘the website,’ ‘Time Travel Sports’, ‘TTS’, ‘we’, ‘I’ I am referencing TimeTravelSports.com and its properties.

Intellectual Property

All contents of TimeTravelSports.com, which included but is not limited to written content, images, videos, tools, web apps, etc, is property of TimeTravelSports.com. All content is copyrighted. Content can not be reproduced or redistributed without permission. Printing for personal use is acceptable, as long as it is agreed that all copywriting and trademarks of Time Travel Sports remain intact.

We hold the same standards for ourselves, so let us know if you feel we’re infringing on your content:

Time Travel Sports often sources other websites or authors’ opinions and/or data. Whenever we do, our policy is to cite or credit the source. If you feel TTS has re-used any of your work without appropriate citation, please contact us, and we will take the appropriate measures to correct it.

No guarantees of any kind

I am not a professional of any kind. Not a lawyer, accountant, professional gamer, insider, or mathemetician. Nothing as it relates to this site. This site is a journey for me to learn (and hopefully help you also) about sports and predictions in sports.

Some content will give tips, suggestions, or information that you could act on, but it’s important to realize that this is just my opinion. There is no guarantee the information is up to date, accurate, or even helpful (of course, I hope it is helpful!). I make attempts to make sure I’m providing useful information, but using content on this site is at your own risk.


As we discussed above, this site is for information purposes only. Taking action on any information on this website is at your own risk. Therefore, you cannot collect any damages from TimeTravelSports.com for any reason (whether under legal theories of negligence, operation of law, tort, contract, strict liability or otherwise) that are not direct damages or exceed the amount you paid Time Travel Sports.

What we don’t control

Many times we link to other resources that we think could be of interest or use of our readers (you). It is your responsibility to realize that anytime you click a link on our website it may be taking you to another website/company/entity that is not owned or operated by Time Travel Sports. It’s your responsibility to due your due diligence on any outside resources. A link or suggestion to go to a website is in no way a certification or guarantee of that website’s quality or legality.

Another item we don’t control is comments. We may allow comment sections on the website. These areas allow free speech from people not affiliated with TTS. I have the authority to delete a comment I feel objectionable, but I don’t actively moderate comments. In other words, it’s possible comments were posted by a random anonymous person who doesn’t have your best interest in mind, and that Time Travel Sports does not condone what was said. Like all content on the site, act on the information at your own risk.

Terms can change at anytime

Terms on this site can change at any time. It’s your responsibility to check this page to see if updated terms are available. I post the latest date of the terms at the top of the page for your convenience.

A note on sports gambling

This isn’t a gambling website, but it does have information that one could use for gambling purposes. Since we are indirectly related to gambling, I think it’s important to note that there are free resources if you have a concern about your anyone else’s gambling. A good place to start is Be Gambling Aware.

Questions on the terms

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact me. Preferred contact is by email, but if you don’t receive a response or would prefer, you can also contact by postal mail.


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Remember, it is your responsibility to read and understand these terms, so if there is anything you feel you don’t understand, please reach out and make sure you get an adequate response before using the site.