Top 222 Team Ranking Takeaways

You can’t argue with math.

Wait, maybe that’s not true. Maybe, mathematical models make it even more fun to look at things like college football’s most dominant teams since 1945.

That’s exactly what Jon Dokter, creator of the Entropy System, did. Using his mathematical modeling he created a mega list of the top teams. So what are some of the key stats?

The Top 10 Most Dominant Teams in the Ranking

62004Southern Cal
81999Florida State

Best Team of Each Decade in the Ranking

DecadeMost Dominant Team (overall rank)Year
The 1940sArmy (1)1945
The 1950sMaryland (16)1951
The 1960sNotre Dame (17)1966
The 1970sNebraska (2)1971
The 1980sPenn State (25)1986
The 1990sNebraska (3)1995
The 2000sMiami (4)2001
The 2010sAlabama (9)2016
*1940 decade started ranking in 1945. Dokter Rankings stopped in 2017

Other Interesting Takeaways in the Ranking

These are just my personal insights from the rankings. Maybe things surprised me, or maybe they didn’t at all but the dominance (or lack thereof was worth mentioning).

It hurts me to say it (please don’t send me hate mail) but Roll Tide

Not surprisingly, Alabama topped the list with 19 appearances in the top 222. Keep in mind, this list takes off the most recent years, so I can only imagine they extended their dominance

Nebraska was surprisingly dominant (emphasis on was)

Nebraska shows up 11 times in the top 222. Not only that, but they have 2 of the 3 most dominant teams. They crushed it in the 1990s with 1993-1997 and 1999-2000 making the list. But… maybe I shouldn’t blame myself for forgetting. After 2000, they didn’t make any appearances in the top 222. Maybe someday, the glory will return.

Florida isn’t the king of Florida… neither is Miami

Florida State takes the crown of most dominant Florida team with 13 appearances on the list. The 2nd place tie goes to Florida and Miami both with 8 appearances.

Ohio State officially wins the Michigan rivalry

The Buckeyes made an appearance 14 times on the top 222, while their northern rival Michigan made it only 7 times. Side note: Michigan may be better off sticking to their home state with Michigan state close behind with 5 appearances.

Participation trophy goes to Arizona State

Multiple news sites referenced ASU’s two appearances on the top 222 list: ranked #150 in 1986 and ranked #192 in 1996. Clearly, they aren’t dominante rankings, but I like how excited they are just to be here. More college football teams should be like that. It’s the little league mentality: show up and have fun win or lose. And if that doesn’t work, we’re all adults so have a drink.

Round of applause for the Sooners and Fighting Irish

Okay, Alabama took the first place trophy, but Oklahoma wasn’t far behind with 15 appearances. And you only have to look one appearance less to find Notre Dame with 14.

Number don’t lie

That’s what I love about this list. It’s hard to get mad at because it’s no one’s opinion. It’s a mathematical model from a respected sports ranker.