World-Class Sports Prediction Sites

Let’s time travel.

Go to the future. Watch a game. Go back to the present, and let everyone know what the score is going to be.

Or… we can do the next best thing. Find the best sports prediction sites.

We’ll take a look at who has the best record predicting sports scores, who stay closest to the Vegas game, and who you might consider when betting.

Sad news: Vegas may be the best sports predictor

Someone once told me, “If you want to predict the future, look where people with the money are placing their money.”

Money is a great motivator, so it’s no question the biggest business in sports scores does an excellent job making predictions.

Vegas has the resources to get the best experts’ opinions, the best data scientists to crunch past data, the people to update the model nearly in real time with updated news, and the motivation to work on their prediction models to keep improving.

So Vegas sets the bar.

But year after year people try to beat Vegas. Some people are successful. Let’s dive into who they are.

The Top Sports Prediction Sites

I want to be clear on something first:

Many people are searching for the sports prediction model that will beat Vegas. And I hate to be the spoiler, but it’s not out here. That said, using expert gambling strategies and then taking into account the best sport prediction models is going to make you a much, much sharper better.

One other note worth mentioning is there isn’t a consensus “winner” or “top 5.” Models that have been tested over multiple seasons often vary in their rankings. ‘Worlds Best Sports Prediction Model’ may rank #1 in NCAA basketball in 2017, #8 for NFL in 2017, and in 2018 rank #13 for NCAA basketball and #2 for NFL football. There can be a lot of confusion. But these are models we consistently trust.

With that out of the way, here are the top sports prediction sites:

Donchess Sports: best of both world model

Donchess sports is my favorite ranker right now. They are 100% straightforward on their methodology, but they use both statistics analysis of past performance (like most models), but they also use human polls

The human element is important. Not just because it feels good to say humans still have value, but they do. Computers have a harder time understanding the intangibles that might go into a game like motivation to win (what’s on the line), injuries, drama, etc.

You can check out the DRatings here.

ESPN Ratings: best complex data model

ESPN has ratings with different names per sport. I used to think it was a few of the talking-head “experts” they had coming up with who they thought were the best teams, but it’s actually much more of a Vegas-like rating than that.

ESPN uses its own proprietary mathematical model to predict the winner of games in most sports. It’s a complex mix of data they don’t reveal such as offensive and defensive efficiencies, margin of victory, and takes into account things like players lost. It seems more complex than most, but usually is a good predictor

ESPN doesn’t have a main page for all their predictions, but individual pages around their site. Check out ESPN’s FPI (football power rankings) and BPI (defensive power rankings) here: college basketball, college football, NBA, NFL.

Massey Ratings: best no-frills model

Massey ratings are one of the more “basic” ratings that have proven the test of time. By basic, I’m referring to the number of variables and “bells and whistles” thrown into the algorithm. The statistical analysis is complex. And it provides more accurate results than most models.

The primary variables Massey takes into account are scores and margin of victory. Then, home or away is used to help come up with a final prediction. This can work pretty well, and comes close to Vegas many years in accuracy.

I think the Massey ratings are worth checking out to see what the fundamental math is telling us about who’s going to win.

You can check out the Massey Ratings here.

Why I only list 3 prediction models

There are 100s of prediction models you can find with a quick google search.

Data overload.

The fact is many of these models use overlapping statistical analysis. Until something new comes out, there are only so many ways you can crunch past sports data to come up with a score prediction.

You just have to find a few you trust and like. The 3 above are my go-to’s (along with Vegas stats). I think adding any more information just makes things more confusing, and these 3 models give 3 different “styles” to crunching the numbers: lots of data, less data, and including a human element.

Where you’ll get your edge

Let’s face it: we knew just have the “golden sports prediction site” was a pipe dream. If there was a website predicting the lines consistently better than Vegas, it’d be no secret. Everyone would be using it to make tons of money.

The other catch?

Vegas would also use it… then the lines would change.

To beat Vegas, you have to come up with your own unique betting styles. Figure out to get an edge of Vegas with our guide.

Is there an app for that?

You know the best sports prediction sites, but is there an app to help make sports predictions?

Not surprisingly there are many. You may have to filter through the spammy apps or straight-up fraud.

But after sifting through those, we’ve found multiple apps out there are helpful. Check out our page comparing the best sports prediction apps.